Beer List

    Beer List

            (updated as available in taproom)       

    Beer                                                         ABV             IBU                                       

    Dark Harbor Black IPA                   7.4%            63                                  

    A light bodied dark ale that’s hopped like an IPA with a distinct toasty dark malt flavor.  Floral and citrus aromas, caramel, and a mild nuttiness are the hallmarks of this unique beer. 

    Spottail Amber                                   5.7%            33                                 

    A malt balanced ale featuring caramel richness with lots of hop flavor and aroma.  Citrus and herbal character imparted by classic American hops. 

    Carolina Common                             6.2%            43                                  

    A moderately malty beer with a woody, earthy hop and floral honey notes, featuring a fairly dry/crisp finish.  Brewed with local SC honey!

    Porter                                                     5.4%            38                                 

    A robust English-style Porter with a light, crisp body.  Complex chocolate, caramel, and toffee notes compliment an herbal bitterness. 

    Belgian Blonde                                    5.2%            16                               

    A balanced light beer with low hop bitterness and flavor.  Pale in color with light fruity and spicy esters from Belgian yeast. 

    Folly SunRYEs                                      6.4%            61                               

    Rye malt lends a grainy spiciness to this IPA.  Bittered and flavored with 4 different hops, adding spicy and citrus notes.

    Praline Porter                                     5.7%            38                                

    A special release featuring our Porter aged on real Charleston Pralines.  This dessert beer offers a sweet nuttiness from the Pralines.  Enjoy!

     Apricot Blonde                                   6.3%            16                                 

    A tart blonde ale with loads of apricot!  A refreshing brew with great flavor and aroma, perfect for the summer outdoors!