About Us


Currently CLOSED as of 4/29/19 until we reopen at our NEW location!!!


Twisted Cypress Brewing Company consists of three friends who share a passion for craft beer and the Charleston community.  Throughout the history of humankind, beer has been a central fixture in bringing people together for a host of reasons.  Being the first brewery in West Ashley we aim to bring this great community together in a unique space to celebrate one another, our great city, and southern culture with some of our delicious craft beer brewed on premise and served in our taproom. 

Our location, a former Moose Lodge, had sat vacant for almost 10 years and was destined to become a parking lot. In the spirit of the "West Ashley Revitalization" efforts, we sought to rescue the storied landmark. Not having much start up capital, we exchanged the renovation/upgrades of our building for rent, and as such, all of the work inside and out has been done by the hands of the owner's of TCBC using recycled and up-cycled materials.  We have built our business from the ground up while continuing our full-time jobs, and almost one year to the date, we are ecstatic to have finally opened our doors to the public!

Our space will continue to evolve over the next year as we can afford to complete further upgrades to the property, so your feedback is both welcomed and greatly appreciated, as we aim to create a space you feel at home in!  We hope that you enjoy our efforts to date!  

We believe strongly in giving back to the community that supports us, so if you have a charitable cause you feel strongly about, chances are we do to! A large part of what makes Charleston such a fantastic city are the unique community organizations and small businesses that help stimulate our local economy and provide services and products that ultimately enrich the quality of life here in the Low Country.  One of our greatest priorities at Twisted Cypress is to give back to the community we love.  Please get in touch as we plan to host rotating charitable taps where a portion of sales will be donated!

To ensure bold flavors and a smooth finish are mainstays of our beer, our brewing process mirrors traditional methods developed in conjunction with the “German Beer Purity Law” (Reinheitsgebot) adopted in Bavaria circa 1516.  Through utilizing four basic ingredients that have stood the test of time – water, yeast, barley, and hops, paired with our occasional addition of novel, locally sourced ingredients, we craft beers that seem paradoxical; beers that are light yet full bodied and boast complex flavor profiles that will neither overwhelm nor underwhelm your taste buds.

We stand before you now on the cusp of realizing our dream; and with your help, are ready to stamp our brand on the map of craft beer.  We are Twisted Cypress Brewing Company – a microbrewery with macro-passion.

Come and share the experience!